Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some FAQs. If your question is not listed here, then simply Contact Us!

How does the technology and platform work?

Simply click here to get a brief overview of what our platform does and how it works.

What sort of content can I feature in my site?

As our platform is an RSS Reader, then the content curated can be any type of ‘RSS‘ content found online, whether they be news feeds, blog posts, podcasts, videos, infographics or the latest social media posts. We help you to gather the most compelling content for your site and also provide you with ‘best practice’ guidelines on how to do this. You can also feature third-party content and websites that do not have RSS feeds available, by linking to them from within your own blog.

Can I feature my social media widgets in the platform?

Absolutely, you can easily plug in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr widgets into the right sidebar of your site.

What advertising opportunities are available?

There are multiple advertising opportunities built into the platform, to allow you to monetise your site.  Visit our Demo Site to see examples of the advertising positions available. All of these are controllable by you via our easy-to-use backend administrative dashboard.

How much of the advertising revenue do I keep?

You keep 100% of any advertising revenue that you bring into the site.

How do I monitor usage of my site?

Comprehensive reporting of your site usage and statistics is carried out using Google Analytics.

Does the platform work on all devices?

Yes, our technology is compatible and accessible across PC, smartphone, tablet and connected TV.

Can I use the platform exclusively for my sector?

Yes. We license our platform on an exclusive basis per sector and territory, giving you a huge competitive advantage in your niche area.

How do I add my own blog to the platform?

If you have an existing blog that you wish to feature in the site, then you can do so using the RSS feed of your blog, as well as by adding it as a ‘feed widget’ into the right sidebar of the site. However, our platform also comes with its’ own ‘integrated blog’, so that you can also blog from within the platform itself.

Who is responsible for marketing my site?

You are 100% responsible for all marketing and promotion of your site. However, we issue you with ‘best practice’ guidelines as to the most effective way to market the site (including via social media) and also provide you with ongoing coaching and support.

Can you help with the SEO of my site?

Absolutely. We set up the SEO for your site and issue you with ‘best practice’ guidelines on SEO, to ensure that your site ranks as effectively as possible on the search engines.

How do the licensing fees work and what do they include?

We charge an upfront set-up/license fee and an ongoing monthly fee. Please Contact Us to find out the pricing for your niche area of interest. You would gain exclusivity in your sector/territory for these license fees, We build the site for you, tailor it to your requirements, help you gather the necessary content for the site, set up your social media pages and widgets (as required) and give you access to a secure backend administration dashboard for your site. We also provide you with both initial and ongoing support in both managing and marketing your site as effectively as possible. Hosting of your site is also included, as are all future product upgrades.

How long is the licensing contract?

We don’t tie you into any long contract lengths. The agreement simply has a ’90 day’ notice period.

How do I control the ongoing administration of my site?

We provide you with access to a secure easy-to-use backend administrative dashboard, which allows you to update your site content, upload ads and view comprehensive reporting statistics, instantly.

What initial and ongoing support will I receive?

We provide you with both initial and ongoing support in managing and marketing your site as effectively as possible. This includes a ‘1-2-1’ web-tutorial on how to use the easy-to-use backend administrative dashboard, as well as issuing you with ‘best practice’ marketing guidelines. We also provide you with full email support as well as a backend help ‘Wiki’ and video tutorials.